Welcome to QD.TEK

We offer an array of excellent world class and state-of-theart Solutions, Technologies and Infrastructure – all in one complete platform to reduce our customers’ TCO and meet their business goals.

"As a member of QD Group, QD.TEK upholds the commitment of “Integrity & Quality” and the Group’s vision of sustainable business, delivering values & benefits to our Customers, Business Partners, and Manufacturers"

Mr. Ly Anh Dung

Chairman/Owner of Quang Dung Group


"Infrastructure is critical foundation contribute values to the success of business.

Where elite converses"

Mr. Ngo Truong Da

QD.TEK Chairman/ Co-Founder


"Connecting brands industry-leading technology to provide total solution business with the highest quality."

Mr. Dang Thach Quan

QD.TEK Southern CEO


Core Values

Capacity & Commitment

To Manufacturer:

Build, develop, & protect the Manufacturers’ 
brands, partner channels & image in Vietnam.
• Nationwide Reach Channel and
Corporate Sales
• Pre & Post Sales Infrastructure
• Reinforcing & Complimentary Products

To Customers:

Provides peace-of-mind to our Customers
with the trusted brands, quality products
couple with value-added services.
• Understands Customer Needs
• Survey requirements
• Certified/ Qualified Partner Referencing
• Integrated Solution Designing
• Proof of Concept
• 2nd Level of Support

To Partners:

Contribute to our Partners’ success with
suitable solutions, professional technical
support, logistics, and financial services.
• Project Mapping & Protection
• Joint Sales Support
• Technology Enabling
• Wide & Complete Solution
• One Stop Shop
• Integrated Tried & Tested Design


Infrastructure is an important foundation contributing value to the success of the business.