Top 5 Hanwha Techwin Video Surveillance Trends for 2022

The security and surveillance industries cannot start looking to 2022 without acknowledging the importance of 2021: a year that has changed every aspect of our daily lives, including the way we act. behave, work, communicate, and collaborate. As the world emerges from an unprecedented global pandemic, companies in every industry must re-evaluate all aspects of […]

[Workshop] introduces an overview of Wi-Fi technology (Wi-Fi Basic)

▪️ Today’s Wi-Fi network is growing strongly, improving access speed, security and is the first choice for mobility needs. ▪️ However, implementing a Wi-Fi system also requires certain specialized skills and error handling. #QDTEK would like to invite information partners and customers to register for the seminar on wi-fi technology according to the information below: […]

LS Cable & System commercializes carbon fiber cable

■ Applied next-generation material carbon fiber first in Korea■ Stronger than steel but lighter and more flexible, released in telecommunication and signal cable■ To be used in applications requiring mobility in smart factories/buildings, EVs/railroads/ships  LS Cable & System (President & CEO Roe-hyun Myung) announced on September 21 that it has commercialized a communication cable using carbon fiber. […]

Chance to win VINFAST E34 when buying VERTIV at QDTEK!!  

🎁 From October 1 to December 31, 2021, for each bill at VND 50,000 (excluding VAT) when buying Vertiv products at QDTek, customers will accumulate 1 point to immediately exchange for super attractive gifts respectively as below: 500 points: 1 G-Kitchen voucher worth 500,000 VND 1,000 points: 1 10,000 mAh Anker PowerCore Slim A1231 Polymer Power Bank 2,000 […]

Get hot gifts when buying LS at QDTEK

From July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, when buying LS products from QD.TEK, customers will accumulate points corresponding to the purchase value as follows: ⭐️ Copper cable: For every VND 15,000,000 of invoice value (excluding VAT) Customers will accumulate 1 point ⭐️ Optical cable + accessories (optical & copper): For every VND 10,000,000 Orders (without VAT) […]

Chance to win Honda Vision when buying Hanwha Wisenet camera at QDTEK

From August 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, when buying Hanwha Wisenet products from QD.TEK , customers will accumulate points corresponding to the purchase value for a chance to receive gifts. “attractive” as follows: 🎁 For every VND 20,000,000 invoice value (excluding VAT), you will accumulate 1 point (equivalent to VND 250,000) 🎁 Customers just need to […]

The important role of Self-Defending Network & Allied Telesis’ solutions

Cybersecurity is currently a top concern for business owners, CIOs and administrators. Considering its importance, it’s surprising that most enterprise security solutions still rely heavily on manual intervention every time something goes wrong. It is a fact that the weakest link in the network security system lies on the user side, which often comes from inadvertently […]

Wisenet Road AI – A new set of intelligent traffic management solutions, provided through a trio of cameras: PNV-A9081RLP, PNO-A9081RLP, PNB-A9001LP

Road AI equipped with edge-based AI technology is a line of optimized solutions for traffic management. It features LPR (License Plate Recognition) / ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) and MMCR (Model, Style, Color Recognition ) where powerful AI deep learning (Deep Learning)algorithms allows for brand, model and color recognition. Through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing, the BestShot image of the license/number plate is […]

Network solutions in the Medical

Introduction:     – As health care services are further developed and digitized. With our long proven history of providing advanced networking solutions that are highly reliable , feature rich and flexible , secure solutions are available to our customers – QDTEK is the distributor of Allied Telesis in Vietnam, with 15 years of experience in the field of providing telecommunications […]