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Network Requirements for Integrating Medical Applications

Healthcare networks face many challenges as they integrate new medical applications during the pandemic. In this blog, Thierry Chau explains how new applications are needed now—and their demands can pose serious challenges for healthcare delivery networks. Even for a fast-evolving industry like healthcare, the last 12 months have introduced an unprecedented flood of adaptations necessary […]

LS Cable & System develops an optical cable for ‘hacking prevention’

On November 3rd, LS C&S (President & CEO, Roe-Hyun Myung) announced that the company had developed an optical cable specialized for hacking prevention, and finished preparations for mass-production. By using specialized optical fibers and reinforced coating, this product can prevent illegal leakage and disruption of information. An optical cable transmits information through light signals. If […]

Cloud Gaming Essentials for a Seamless E-sports Experience

In the recent past, there were a gamut of technological breakthroughs in the gaming space. The evolution of gaming from the golden age of arcade games to gaming consoles to desktop gaming to the engaging mobile gaming interfaces today has been monumental. Gaming has inevitably incepted and transformed the lives of the new-age generation today. […]

The Top 7 Factors to Consider When Planning a Video Camera Refresh

Multiple Reasons to Refresh Video Camera Equipment Sometimes, organizations that have invested in video surveillance (CCTV) networks need to update their camera equipment. Their current infrastructure may be obsolete or nearing the end of its life, or they may want to take advantage of features and functionalities available with newer camera technologies by installing new […]

Extending the Value of Intelligent Video for Public Transit

Video data intelligence for transit Video surveillance for a public transit system is generally regarded as a security solution. And – while that is true in many cases – video can be realized for much greater value when it’s analyzed as an objective data source. By complementing traditional security surveillance infrastructure with video analysis technology, […]


🌏 TOWARDS THE MOST EFFECTIVE DATA CENTER 🌏 🥰 On 6th May, QD.TEK together with CommScope become a Diamond sponsor for the Workshop “Towards the most effective data center” organized by Vietnam Data Center Association in Ho Tram – Ba Ria Vung Tau province. 🥰 During the conference, there were many products & solutions that highlighted the […]