we provide a comple solution and Cable transmission infrastructure products diversified from the cable wireless, meet the request exclusive for each applications, from office building, complex area, resorts, hotels, schools, administrative quarter,data centers,factories to the most complicated infrastructure works


Copper and optical cables for all indoor & outdoor applications (LAN, WAN ...)

Dedicated IT equipment cabinet,network, radio and television (indoor / outdoor cabinets, data centers ...)

Signal transmission cable & control for BMS systems , Radio, Fire Alarm


Infrastructure is the most important foundation of every business, contributing to the success of every project. Digital technology changes at a rapid pace, thus putting great pressure on the transmission infrastructure, which demands to meet current and future needs of the business.

Besides international standard products with advanced technology, we also provide value-added services to our partners and customers, helping them achieve a sustainable, flexible, ready-to-use infrastructure. For the future, ensuring the cost effectiveness of investment, and optimal management operation.

  • Support Survey and consulting infrastructure solutions for all building, data center, factory,network FTTx ... .
  • Support design systems and products
  • Training and technology transfer training
  • Training and Certification on Design and Construction of International Standards for Partners to Become CommScope PartnerPRO
  • Quality monitoring service implemented in accordance with international standards
  • Measurement consulting with specialized equipment to achieve the manufacturer's 25 year warranty.