Wireless transmissions and connections have become a important foundation of society and business with the explosive growth of smart phones, IoTs, smart cities, and RFID. Unlike other infrastructures, wireless is the solution. Therefore, the selection and construction of a wireless transmission system requires a lot of commitment and expertise solutions of global manufacturers. Our wireless transmission solutions are selected by the industry's leading manufacturers, meeting the demands of both integrated and specialized solutions, durable connectivity, flexible deployment, and secure operation. All for organizations and businesses.


Specific wireless devices for mobile objects (ships, vehicles, ferries ...), P2P networks, P2P networks

Outdoor & indoor WiFi equipment for home and corporate networks (Metro Wifi, public hotspot, Cell site, office ...)

Automatic & Fixed Satellite Transmission Equipment for All Applications & Environment (VSAT)


  • Radwin 's wireless transmission solution for  objects moving to 500km /g with 500Mbps bandwidth is currently the only global solution.
  • wireless transmission solution point to point/ Multipoint Radio Transmitters with 750Mbps maximum bandwidth, up to 120km with Bi-direction Beamforming, P2mP, Non-Line-of-Sight technology and SLA commitment. & No Latency is the No. 1 choice for telecommunications transmission applications, security monitoring, transportation, seaports, mines and transportation.
  • The Metro Wifi standard telecommunication solution allows up to 700 concurrent users on the same AP in a 500m coverage area, 3G / 4G offload, Cloud management, VOD availability, Billing .... Number one for Smart City / Metro Wifi / Wifi ADSL applications.
  • C-COM's mobile satellite antenna solution is industry-leading for VSAT applications