Security needs are becoming more prevalent in all professions, from social and organizations to civilian applications. We provide integrated solutions and security appliances to meet uncompromising requirements of operations, quality and security standard for business and organizations. Our physical security development services are sure to meet open IP standard, that is ready for integration into current IT infrastructure, easy to upgrade, and connecting with other appliances; such as security alarms and entry/exit alert systems…in order to satisfy organisations’ changing security needs, protecting people and properties, as well as allow for concentration into their own business operations at the present and future.


AXIS Communications - IP cameras, management software & video analysis, storage solutions and other appliances for all physical security usages.

HID (USA) is a global leader in secure identity solutions, offers robust quality, advanced technology, innovative designs and industry leadership, including physical & logical access control with strong authentication and credential management; card printing and personalization; highly secure government ID.

Milestone Systems, Copenhagen - Denmark, is a world leader in open platform IP video management software, ranked in the Top 50 Security Companies. Milestone products are powerful, reliable, easy to use and proven in +100.000 installations worldwide.


  • Security camera system with advanced technology and modern features, such as video compression (H.264/265, Zipsteam), high definition (4K/8K), stabilisation, wide dynamic range, and highest light sensitivity in the industry (Lightfinder)
  • Security appliances and products supporting enterprise standards conforming with all operating environments.
  • Effective and highly reliable solutions and products