The information system date today is a major section of all business and organization.Operation continuous 24/7/698 of system is prerequisite condition of assurance effiective business. We choose solution and equipment of supplier prestigious and largest in the IT industry of the world to meet the diverse needs of customers fornetwork infrastructure, power infrastructure, data center ...


UPS, smart PDU, precision air conditioner

Data Center Operations Management Software (DCIM), server switching system (KVM switch)

Switches, wireless, PC & Server, and industry standard IoT Gateway standard industry and commerce


  • UPS (Vertiv): A wide range of products, solutions for single devices, or for data centers. Capacity from 1KW to over 1MW.
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU): Intelligent source management, in addition to power surge & lightning protection; It also allows for control and monitoring of power to specific terminals.
  • Precision Air Conditioner Vertiv allows for more efficient control of temperature and humidity than conventional air conditioning; Suitable for server room, data center, medical or laboratory ... Complete solution for each demand with vertical, horizontal, ceiling ...
  • KVM Server Switches: Remote management solution for users from offices, branches to servers or data centers.
  • Wired and wireless networking (WIFI) standard industry, commercial.