Sao Bac Dau Telecom and QDTEK Vietnam signed a strategic cooperation agreement on xCloudCam business

Sao Bac Dau Telecom and Quang Dung Technology Distribution Joint Stock Company have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the business of storage solutions and camera management on cloud computing infrastructure. Thereby, providing the market with optimal products, technology solutions and infrastructure to help businesses reduce investment costs and achieve business goals.

“Cloud” is a concept that is no longer strange in recent years, being strongly applied in personal life as well as business activities, especially in manufacturing, finance and banking sectors. , healthcare and real estate. In addition, solutions for storing and managing cameras on cloud computing infrastructure are gradually becoming an alternative to the limited traditional camera model.

Realizing the business potential, the Cloud Camera platform named "xCloudCam" was developed by Sao Bac Dau Telecom with many outstanding features such as cost saving, easy deployment, security and ensuring the regulations of the company. Each industry is a solution to meet the diverse needs of many businesses.

Unlike other solutions on the market that are only compatible with one type of camera, xCloudCam can integrate with hundreds of thousands of cameras, Onvif standard cameras, even analog cameras with Onvif-enabled NVR/DVR. can be integrated, regardless of which brand's camera it is.

Enterprises can fully take advantage of the cameras in the traditional model in use, connect to xCloudCam to save investment costs and can access data from anywhere, with any device ( Web, mobile, desktop) at any time, as long as there is an Internet connection.

xCloudCam of Sao Bac Dau Teleco m overcomes the problems that the traditional Camara model often encounters (errors, hardware failures, as well as security risks such as viruses, malware, hackers ...) due to the storage infrastructure. The storage and management platform have achieved ISO 27001 international security certificate, along with encryption when storing, secure transmission with 256bit SSL to ensure data safety.

With the simplicity of installation and use, xCloudCam also has the advantage of extremely flexible data storage time, from 3 days to more than 90 days, compared to only 07 days of some other services. on the market. In addition to the 24/7 support of a highly specialized technical team, helping businesses feel secure in all situations during the deployment process and throughout the service lifecycle.

Through this cooperation, Sao Bac Dau Telecom and Quang Dung Technology Distribution Joint Stock Company hope to bring solutions for storing and managing cameras on cloud computing infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of customers. form to help improve business efficiency and increase the ability to expand the market to your business.

As the only CCSP (Cloud Certified Services Provider) partner of Red Hat in Vietnam up to now, VNPT's cooperation partner in terms of cloud computing infrastructure, along with strategic cooperation with many units Another leading domestic and international information technology company, Sao Bac Dau Telecom is a leading provider of a professional and comprehensive cloud computing service ecosystem for businesses. The services of the North Star Telecom ensures technological security, data security, high security and the support of a team of experts during use.

QD.TEK, founded in 2004, is one of the leading ICT distributors in Vietnam, specialized in infrastructure solutions for Telecommunication, Surveillance Security, and Information Technology. QD.Tek has been the trusted value-added-partner for the global leader ICT manufacturers such as Allied Telesis, AXIS Communications, Commscope, Draka, HID, Siemens, Thales, Vertiv… to serve our solid sales network of +2,000 partners and +10,000 customers across Vietnam. We are proud to provide safe, highest quality, and cost-efficient products and solutions for countless critical projects that support business and environmental sustainability and social responsibility in Vietnam.  

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